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Free Again Client Centered


Client-centered consultation is an approach that focuses on an individual and helps service providers (typically teachers, school personnel, physicians, pastoral staff, and other care providers), better help the recipient of services (often a client, patient, student, lay member, child). The consultant assesses the individual, makes a diagnosis, and recommends changes to the consultee to better serve the recipient of services.

Free Again Consultee Centered


Consultee-centered consultation focuses on the consultee rather than the recipient of services and collaborates with the consultee to help increase his or her confidence, knowledge, skill, and objectivity. In this case, the consultee is the recipient of service rather than the individual receiving the direct care from the consultee.

Free Again Organizational Centered


Organizational-centered consultation entails a longer-term process focusing primarily on administrative functions with secondary emphasis on the individual member(s) as in the case of improving employee moral or decreasing turnover rates. The consultant’s function can include conducting a comprehensive evaluation comprised of data collection, analysis, and strategic recommendations in the form of a summary report.


Consultation is a professional service aimed at empowering individuals, organizations, educational and religious institutions to successfully meet their goals and objectives. We offer an array of consultative services that work within three different frameworks including client-centered, consultee-centered, and organizational-centered.

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