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Dr. Soha Heidari Gonzalez

Dr. Soha - Clinical Director

Dr. Soha Heidari Gonzalez is a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Professional Coach with a specialty in working with children and adolescents and providing integrative Christian Counseling. She holds various empirically validated treatment certifications including Functional Family Therapy geared toward adolescents and delinquent youth, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy geared toward parenting and building healthy attachment bonds with children ages 2-9, Interpersonal Psychotherapy geared toward youth and adults, and Integrated Treatment of Complex Trauma for those who have experienced severe neglect, abuse, and trauma. Dr. Soha’s professional experience entails working with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, various community mental health clinics throughout the Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Fernando Valley areas, serving as a Supervising Psychologist, and Clinical Director. Dr. Soha is also a consultant, educational trainer, and public speaker for private schools and local churches seeking to gain greater understanding in classroom behavioral management strategies, parenting, marital issues, spiritual growth, attachment to God, and program development.

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