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Free Again Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

     We offer individual therapy by a specialized clinician who works collaboratively to develop a safe and confidential environment to facilitate change and improve quality of life. We work with our clients to develop treatment goals and help them achieve and maintain their goals.


     People often seek individual therapy for a wide variety of reasons including experiencing grief and loss, depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, and coping with major life challenges. It is common for the clinician to combine ideas from different approaches when addressing a person's needs.


     We also offer several effective, models including Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

     IPT is a brief, attachment-focused model of treatment that centers on the principle that mood is impacted by relationships and life events.

​     CBT is a model of treatment that helps clients achieve symptom relief by changing unhealthy thinking patterns and learning new helpful behaviors in order to better cope with life’s challenges.

Free Again Christian Therapy

Christian Therapy

     We offer an integrative grace-based approach to Christian Therapy with focus on the care of the person as whole (body, soul, and spirit).


     Our approach combines the scientific and academic underpinnings of psychotherapy, counseling, and spiritual disciplines in order to address the needs of the individual.


     The aim of Christian Therapy is to help empower people to live empowered lives through biblical principles and scriptural truths under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Free Again Family Therapy

Family Therapy

     We offer family therapy as a form of treatment. We often use familial approaches in treatment to address specific issues that impact the entire family. Amongst the many different family therapy models, we offer Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Functional Family Therapy (FFT) to help empower families to achieve overall success.  


     PCIT is an evidence-based treatment for young children with behavioral problems.  PCIT is conducted through "coaching" sessions during which the parent and child are in a playroom while the therapist provides in-the-moment coaching on skills previously learned to manage the child's behavior.


     FFT is short-term, empirically-supported model for families with 11 to 18 year of youth experiencing behavioral, emotional, academic, and mental health problems. Referral resources can range anywhere from the juvenile justice, child welfare agencies, religious organizations to school settings. FFT is a strength-based model with the core focus of assessment, interventions, risk reduction, and relationship enhancement among family members and the community at large.

Free Again Couples and Premarital

Couples & Premarital Therapy

     We help couples involved in a romantic relationship to learn how to effectively resolve conflict, negotiate and meet the others’ needs, improve communication, and enhance the quality of their relationship.

     Couples and Premarital Therapy is intended to help the couple explore and learn more about areas related to finances, relationship and family history, child rearing, spirituality, and intimacy.

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