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Skip Kerekes- Executive Professional Coach

Skip Kerekes is a speaker, minister, author, editor, and executive coach. His professional background extends to having been the VP of International Operations for a global health and wellness product development company and consultant to various financial leaders and fortune 500 companies. Skip has also served as a cross-cultural international trainer in Mexico and China. He has spent time traveling to China in order to help facilitate smooth transition and onboarding with Chinese business leaders striving to work competently within US companies. Skip is also a seasoned media expert and called upon in radio, television and podcast interviews. Topics range from fail-safe strategies, starting, sustaining, and maintain one’s personal and professional life, insight into the mechanics of working within global marketplaces, investing, and international finances. 


Skip is also a licensed minister with the desire to promote servant leadership and empower people of all ages and stages in life. His coaching career extends to working with celebrities, authors, motivational speakers, business executives, couples, and professionals in the medical and mental health field. Skip upholds a lifelong passion to come alongside his clients and empower them to be the best version of themselves.

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