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free again

Empowering people to live empowered lives


Free Again.

Free Again is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit mental health & life center committed to empowering people to live empowered lives by destroying the stigma attached to mental health and increasing accessibility to true freedom.

We believe you can live a life empowered by living in true freedom, and continually returning to that state everyday. True freedom is having complete authority over your mind regardless of your physical condition. Your mind empowers your living, so when you believe right, you will live right. Far too much focus has been placed on living right, instead of believing right.

The brain is the most powerful part of our physical body, and the focal point for Free Again. Similar to a Personal Fitness Trainer, we believe your brain requires “workouts” or a renewing of the mind.

Our team of passionate professionals are highly trained in an array of researched-based treatment modalities to provide optimal and life lasting results. We use an innovative approach and utilize cutting edge technology to meet the needs of our clients to provide greater access to services including mental health, spiritual direction, consultation, and motivational coaching.


We provide professional training opportunities and community outreach services to help promote the emotional, spiritual, and relational health and well-being of surrounding communities. We further strive to empower schools, organizations, and small businesses through our consultative and coaching sessions in order to inspire, motivate, and promote empowering success.


i am 

free again

Empowering people to live empowered lives



Be Empowered.

2880 Cochran Street #1009

Simi Valley, CA 93065

Tel: (818) 971-9194​




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